Raleigh, NC Gutter Cleaning ServicesHas the time come to pay some special attention to your gutters in Raleigh? Gutter cleaning is the service you want when you need your gutters thoroughly cleaned, and P2 Pressure Washing & Cleaning is the local specialist to call! We are a licensed and insured pressure washing contractor that has been serving the Triangle area for years, and our dedication to customer satisfaction is unmatched!

They may be easy to overlook, but it shouldn’t be understated how important your gutters are to your home. Here in North Carolina, we see our fair share of stormy skies and leaf clutter, but thanks to gutters, our houses have the rain management system needed to protect our structures from damage. Gutter cleaning is a vital service to ensure the structural integrity of our property because when our gutters get clogged up, these elements become a real problem quickly.


The gutters that line your roof are there to protect your home from an overflow of rainwater. When all is working well, water gets dispersed away from your house and into areas where it can’t do any damage. It’s essential that your gutters are clear and working correctly, and to ensure this regular gutter cleaning is needed.

So, what exactly can happen when your gutters clog up? Many things, and none of them are good. For instance:

  •  Flooded roof: When water can’t enter and pass through your gutter system, it has to go somewhere. Pools of water collect on your roof and can damage your shingles.
  • Flooded basement and crawlspaces: When water is forced to flow over your gutters rather than through them, it tends to go everywhere, including our crawlspaces and basements. This can lead to foundational damage if left untreated.
  •  Algae streaks: The moisture that’s brought on by overflowing gutters can cause dark, unsightly streaks to appear not just on the exterior of the gutters but also on the sides of your home.
  •  Pest infestation: All the stagnant water and collected leaf matter make excellent nests for pests such as mosquitos and rodents.

P2 Pressure Washing & Cleaning can take care of the stress and the mess when it comes to making sure your gutters are functioning appropriately. For professional gutter cleaning in Raleigh, contact us today!


Pressure washing in Raleigh-Durham is more than just spraying sidewalks, at least to our experts! When you call on us for gutter cleaning, we can also clean your gutter’s exterior as well.

P2 Pressure Washing & Cleaning will make your gutters look like new by removing algae, mud, mildew, and more off the sides of your gutters. When we’re done, you’ll be amazed at the difference your clean gutters will make to your home’s curb appeal! When it comes to gutter cleaning and brightening, go with experts at P2 Pressure Washing & Cleaning!


Our pressure washing team can help make your entire property beautiful again with our vast array of pressure washing services. From fence cleaning to roof cleaning, we can do it all! Don’t waste time with amateur or fly-by-night pressure washers, have it done right the first time by contacting P2 Pressure Washing & Cleaning!

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